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How to get the facts

Providing accurate information and data to media outlets in a timely manner is as helpful to Housing as it is to journalists.

When responding to a media enquiry, the Housing Authority’s media liaison team will often gather information by consulting several business areas within Housing and even other government agencies. In order to ensure that the media team has the correct details of addresses, contact numbers and other information, media outlets should provide requests in writing - usually via email at the address below. This information is also required for corporate record-keeping.

Please clearly outline your questions and include a realistic deadline so Housing can get the information to you on time. Once Housing’s media liaison staff receive the correct information from the relevant parts of the agency, we will email our response, and also often follow up with a telephone call.

Media contacts

T: (08) 6277 5323

For more detailed information about the Housing Authority and its initiatives, visit our About Us page.

Are we Homeswest? - No

There is no longer any such entity as Homeswest. Homeswest has not existed since 1999 and was a very different agency. The agency’s correct name is the Housing Authority, or just ‘Housing’.​​​​​​


 Media Enquiries (All Hours)

​​Tel: (08) 6277 5323