6200 doors opened and counting

​The first Progress Report on the State’s Affordable Housing Strategy 2010-2020 - Opening Doors to Affordable Housing, was released last week, with the good news that to date 6,200 doors have been opened for low-to-moderate income earners in Western Australia.
With a forward by the Minister for Housing, Terry Redman MLA, the 24-page report provides an update to stakeholders on the key achievements of the Affordable Housing Strategy from 1 January 2010 to 30 June 2012, across five categories:
  • A strong, transition-oriented social housing system
  • Affordable land and housing supply
  • Affordable rental opportunities
  • Affordable home ownership opportunities
  • Partnership and reforms across government and industry
The Minister for Housing said access to affordable housing was a vital component of creating and sustaining a vibrant and inclusive community and the State’s economic development.
“The Affordable Housing Strategy is a whole-of-government initiative and we have been working hard to deliver priority initiatives,” Minister Redman said.
“While I acknowledge that significant challenges remain, I am encouraged by the progress to date and wish to thank all those who continue to drive the reforms and innovations needed to deliver long-term affordable housing solutions for people on low-to-moderate incomes.”
Tania Loosley-Smith, General Manager Strategy and Policy, said the Department’s achievements to date under the strategy had helped to house a substantial number of West Australians.
“At the last official count, using end of financial year data, we had created over 6,200 new affordable housing opportunities for low-to-moderate income households,” Ms Loosley-Smith said. 
“As we are constantly adding to those opportunities, the figure today will be significantly higher.”
A copy of the report can be read or downloaded here.
The Affordable Housing Strategy 2010-2020 - Opening Doors to Affordable Housing, can be found here.

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