Sustainability in the development

​The Bentley Regeneration project team has been investigating a number of environmental sustainability features that could be incorporated into the 25 hectare development. The inclusion of green initiatives is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and scheme water usage, but also has the potential for the eventual residents in the precinct to receive lower energy and water bills.
To assist the project team with its investigation, modelling has been carried out by the firm Kinesis.  This modelling has provided detailed information on the capital and operating cost of incorporating a wide range of environmentally sustainable technologies, as well as the savings to residents and overall benefits to the community from an environmental perspective.
Kinesis have recommended that the project team further investigate the feasibility of including a number of green features in the development including solar panels, co-generation power, water saving measures, and the introduction of car share arrangements.
Other environmental initiatives taking place in the development will occur during the remediation and forward earthworks stage. Ninety five per cent of materials dug up on site will be reused in new roads, footpaths and other infrastructure. Materials are also being salvaged from the demolition of existing buildings and some trees on site to be reused in benches, public art and in parks and open space to include the site’s history in the regeneration.
To find out more read the Kinesis report.

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