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The Department of Housing’s major stakeholders gathered in the Central Park foyer recently to hear the new Housing Minister, Terry Redman, outline the successes of the Affordable Housing Strategy and the Strategy’s future direction as well as view the Department’s centenary display.

Minister Redman said that the initial success of the Strategy has laid a very strong foundation for the Government to achieve its target of providing at least 20,000 affordable homes by 2020.
“The Strategy is increasing the supply and diversity of affordable housing to meet the needs of the current and future generations,” he said.
“Since 2010 over 6,200 new affordable homes have been created through a range of initiatives including delivering more public and community housing, more affordable private rentals, and more home ownership opportunities for first homebuyers and young families.”
“This includes over 1,900 new home ownership opportunities via Keystart, 193 shared equity loans, 550 new discounted private rentals under the National Rental Affordability Scheme, and 3,200 new social houses through the public and community housing sectors for the most disadvantaged in the community.”
Minister Redman said the future direction of the Strategy will continue to focus on market-based solutions and partnerships with the private sector.
“We will continue to reform planning and approval processes and increase the number of entrepreneurial trials that are currently testing new ways of financing and delivering affordable housing within commercially viable projects,” he said.
“These measures will focus on housing our State’s key workers and providing a strong housing safety net for the most vulnerable members of our community.”
Director General Grahame Searle spoke about the Department’s centenary, outlining a number of stories about the history including one about Thomas Edison contacting the Premier of the day about a concrete house he had designed.
Guests were interested to learn about the Department’s history and jostled to view the display to discover the history.
Workers, Soldiers, Suburbs: 100 years of government housing is on display in the Central Park foyer until 7 September.
Workers, Soldiers, Suburbs: 100 years of government housing
Date: 27 August – 7 September 2012
Opening times: Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm
Saturday – 10am – 4pm
Sunday – 12noon – 4pm
Venue: Central Park foyer, 152 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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